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Happy Valentine's picarcia!~
mirumikki wrote in gsfest

Title: Time in a Bubble 
Series: GS2
Author: Mirumikki
Recipient: picarcia
Character/Pairing: Piers/Felix
Rating: K
Word count: 1 299
Summary: Piers takes the opportunity to think. 
Author's note: Kill me slowly, please. I'm so sorry for posting late, I feel awful and rightfully so. Work and endless travel crippled my free time, but it's not an excuse. Sorry, picarcia, I feel really bad. I hope you'll enjoy it a little even if it was late... sorry I didn't really get it the way you wanted *shies away*

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It's ok! The deadline got extended to the 28th because I was sick and figured everyone could use a break.

Thank you very much for this ;v;
Don't worry about being late, I'm pretty sure we're not past the deadline yet XDD

That was really sweet, I enjoyed reading that, thank you~

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