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fill : Garet/Ivan - Brains/Brawn – a geek/jock duo.
azalee_calypso wrote in gsfest
Title: The Trouble With Cheerleaders
Series: GS (AU, one DD character)
Characters/Pairing: Garet/Ivan (+ others)
Rating: G
Word count: ~2700
Summary: Nerdy Ivan tutors football-player Garet while crushing. The football team might be scarier than the library club.
Author's note: Theme was Garet/Ivan - Brains/Brawn – a geek/jock duo... so I made it into a high school AU because I love those. Random title is random (though there are annoying cheerleaders); plotless, pointless, scandalously tame, but fluffy.

(Fake-cut to my fic LJ)


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