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prompt round 2
tried to reach deep
measuringlife wrote in gsfest
Basically, this round follows challenges like aph_fluffathon and springkink, and fe_fest. You leave prompts, and in a couple weeks, I'll post them and writing can ensue~ Post prompts will be open from today until May 7th. By the next day or so, I should have the prompt list up and ready to claim. Prompts won't be due until July 1st, but you're welcome (and encouraged) to post them early. There's no limit to how many prompts one can claim, either. And there's no penalty for defaulting.

You don't have to be a member or even intend to join in to submit prompts, as well.

Last year's prompts that weren't filled will roll over for this round, so no need to repost those. Just focus on posting as many new ones as you want ♥

Theme formatting should go like this:

Matthew/Rief - the logistics of lust

You can also add certain stipulations:

Garet/Mia - he sends her clumsy love notes and gifts when she returns to Imil (nothing over PG-13, please)
Piers/Felix - who wants to live forever? (Please no other pairings than this)
Isaac/Ivan - pieces of puzzles and wishes on eyelashes fail (Piers/Felix is ok, but please no others than this.)

You can also ask for gen:

Kraden, Nowell and Rief - teaching them how to read. (Gen)

And any game/pairing scenario:

any/any - genderswitch chaos.

Also note that you can combine themes if they crossover in themes. Say, an any/any crossed the same ground as a Tyrell/Karis theme, you could do them both. However, it has to be a main plotline; you couldn't add a Matthew/Rief theme to a Tyrell/Karis fic if they only appeared as side characters.

Your themes could be scenarios, tropes, lyrics, whatever. And they can get a little more detailed than this, if an au needs a little more background, but not too much, please. There currently isn't a limit, but giant boxes of text would make the list wonky.

If you want a DD!era version of a character, then be sure to make a note in the prompt. For the spoiler conscious who haven't played yet, the themes will be divided to ensure the lack of spoilage.

There are no limits to how many prompts you can leave. In fact, having modded this sort of challenge before, I can say it will make my job infinitely easier if you make many of them. So don't feel guilty and hold back!

When you've finished, posting should be formatted like this:

Series: (note whether DD or 1st gen.)
Word count: not necessary if you're an artist, obviously.
Summary: (optional)
Author's note:

Author's note is where you'd put your theme, thanks to betas, whatever.

Fic should be at least 100 words; there is no maximum. WIPs are allowed, if your ideas run away with you. There is no limit on art.

If you don't have an lj, or want to remain anon, you can pm me or email me at seneai (at)

Comments are screened. (And yes, leave them here, please :D) Happy prompting, guys!


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