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round 2 prompts
tried to reach deep
measuringlife wrote in gsfest
Just leave a comment, and I'll put your name here. There's no limit to how many times a prompt can be claimed. The minimum is 100 words; there is no maximum. If the prompt gets away from you, you're welcome to post in parts. And there's penalty if life comes up and you can't finish.

The deadline for posting these is July 1st, and you can start posting immediately.

For the exchange, you'll have to join this community, then post to it using this format.

Series: (GS1/2 or DD)
Word count:
Summary: (optional)
Author's note:

And here's the prompts.

any sibling incest pairing - dirty little secret
any/any - four weddings and funeral
any/any - happy shiny people
any/any - I only want the best thing for you, and the best thing for you is me.
Any/any; life 2: the unhappy ending
any/any; modern au; bars, nights out and bad kareoke.
any mother and child - post-partum depression. (Gen, angst. Break my heart.)
any/any - we'll stay awake beneath the trees
any/any - you are the only risk I'll always take
any/any; modern au; bars, nights out and bad kareoke.
Any/any snow falling around me like angels in flight
any - scars
any - Silk
all (ensemble) - on my way home I'll remember only good days
Any of the adepts - domestic uses of psynergy
Alex/Mia - angst; we could've set the world alight, I could've been all you ever wanted
Alex/Mia - incest kink; Alex gets off on the forbidden aspect, and how 'together, their blood is more pure'
Alex/Mia - playing in the snow (art would be great!)
Alex, Mia - twenty years of snow
Alex/Saturos - "Yes, dear."
Alex/Sheba - let's take over the world together
Babi and Lunpa - You must hate me for what I've done. (can be gen or slash)
Briggs/Chaucha - We're in this together.
Felix - adolescence (shipping open)
Felix/Isaac - between the lines
Felix/Karst - watching dusk fall over Prox
Felix/Sheba - "I'm not letting you go off alone, you idiot."
Felix/Sheba - if I fall, won't you catch me?
Felixs/Piers - love comes like surprise ice in the morning
Felix/Piers - matchmaking schemes by Jenna, Kraden and Sheba to get them to finally see the obvious.
Felix/Piers - who wants to live forever? (Please no other pairings than this)
Garet/Ivan - finding common ground
Garet/Mia - dancing lessons for Isaac's wedding. (Choice of who Isaac is marrying, can be canon compliant or not)
Garet/Mia, Isaac/anyone (other than Mia or Garet, that is) - He holds back because he thinks Isaac has an interest in her. When Isaac starts courting someone else, he gives the 'how could you let down such an amazing girl' and finally gets that Mia isn't taken, and makes up for lost time.
Garet/Mia - five times he failed to woo her, and the one time he didn't. (keep it funny, fluffy and under PG-13 please)
Garet/Mia - he sends her clumsy love notes and gifts when she returns to Imil (nothing over PG-13, please)
Garet/Mia - wedding day
Hammet and Ivan - education (gen)
Hammet and/or Ivan - life in the caravans
Hama, Ivan, Feizhi - I've so much to teach you (gen)
Hama, Ivan - catching up for lost time (gen)
Hama + Ivan - watching him from afar
Ivan - Lemuria
Ivan/Anyone, mindread (/mindfuck/mind control) kink
Isaac/Ivan- Insecurities caused by accidental mindreading (fluff preferred, other background pairings are fine)
Isaac/Ivan - pieces of puzzles and wishes on eyelashes fail (Piers/Felix is ok, but please no others than this.)
Isaac/Ivan - you make me weak at the knees
Isaac/Mia - hurt/comfort about Alex's betrayal
Isaac/Mia - secret post game (but pre-DD) courting
Jenna/Mia - jealousy over fears that Isaac loves Mia end up turning to falling in love.
Kraden, Piers and/or Ivan - scholars bonding (gen)
Kraden, Piers - Being old men together. Drinking tea, sitting in rocking chairs and complaining about the 'kids these days' (gen)
Piers/Kraden - Let's make the most out of the little time we have. (Piers is banished from Lemuria, neither of them yet knows of their slowed aging.)
Saturos/Menardi - a promise of a tomorrow
Sheba/all the girls in the world - they all mattered, though one mattered the most
Sheba/Felix - Faran is slightly concerned about how much Sheba talks about this "Felix" when she finally returns home.
Sheba and Ivan - Reasons why they get along and like each other a lot but really don't want to date each other.
Sheba/Hama - following the silk route
Sheba/Jenna - Girl, I wanna lay you down
Sheba/Jenna - pigtail (or ponytail) pulling

DD: Amiti - becoming the new king of Ayuthay
DD - Amiti/anyone, playing with his hair
DD - Amiti - sensuality
DD - Amiti, Eoleo - After the Eclipse, Amiti is forced to rethink his thoughts on pirates. (Gen)
DD - Amiti, Himi - piggyback rides
DD - Crystallux and the little girl - Phantom Dragon of the Opera
DD: Eoleo and any - alcohol (no restriction)
DD: Himi and Takeru - protective cool big bro
DD: Isaac and Garet - a day in the life at the Gohma Plateau cabin (existence/presence of the kids optional)
DD: Isaac/any and/or Jenna/any - Theirs is an open marriage. (Threesome also acceptable.)
DD: Isaac/Garet + Jenna - How they got her to agree to be the substitute mother for Matthew (and Tyrell?)
DD - Ivan/Rief - nerds in love
DD: Karis, Matthew and Tyrell - first meeting (a summer in Kalay or Gohma, maybe?)
DD - Karis and Sveta - Karis is so happy there's finally another girl in the team (gen or yuri, don't care as long as it's fluffy)
DD - Karis/Sveta - rocking her to sleep
DD: Karis/Tyrell - She knows he's not really a complete idiot, but she wishes he'd make efforts sometimes.
DD - Kraden, Nowell and Rief - teaching them how to read. (Gen)
DD: Mia and Amiti - She would recognize those eyes anywhere.
DD: Matthew/Hou Ju - Once upon a time, there was a little princess who was searching for her Prince Charming...
DD - Matthew/Karis - wedding day
DD - Matthew/Sveta - a star crossed romance (feuding families, forbidden love things) with a happy ending.
DD - Matthew/Rief - geeky turn on
DD - Matthew/Rief - the logistics of lust
DD - Nowell/Piers (one-sided)- The fact that Mia would kill him wasn't the only reason Piers was keeping his distance, but it was a big part of it.
DD - Eoleo, Piers - He was like Eoleo's cool uncle, hero, and first crush all at once.
DD - Sheba/Ivan - Karis gets her headstrong ways from her mother.
DD - Sveta + any - She doesn't like metal.
DD - Tyrell/Karis - anything you can do, I can do better
DD - Tyrell/Karis - I loved you before and I'll love you until then / you're my foe and my brother and lover and friend

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Not yet claiming because I need to figure out what I'd actually write BUT
Matthew/Hou Ju - Once upon a time, there was a little princess who was searching for her Prince Charming...
should probably be in the dark dawn section.

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