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fill: Sheba/Mia : diamond dust
azalee_calypso wrote in gsfest
Title: diamond dust
Series: GS : Dark Dawn
Characters/Pairing: Sheba/Mia, a little of Rief and Nowell. ... Imil is almost a character, too.
Rating: PG
Word count: ~3500
Summary: Sheba learns how to find warmth in the blizzard.
Author's note: *fails* Birth of a new OTP for me. I - I don't even. This prompt swept me away. Believe it or not, this actually contains no crack. (It came verrry close though.)
Main theme:
Sheba/Mia - diamond dust (though I thought "diamond dust" was just a pretty metaphor and only realized belatedly that it was an actual weather phenomenon and went back to fix it, so uh.)
Secondary themes this ended up also overlapping in-passing almost by accident (considering I didn't know the songs for the first two, and I was the one who made the last three so of course I subconsciously had them in mind):
any/any - collapse into me tired with joy (fits this line, not the song as a whole)
any of the first gen heroes - rekindling an almost romance; and did I, did I miss out on you? (fits the song as a whole, not this line)
Mia - there are some wounds Psynergy will not heal
Mia (and family) - This sweet mother of two used to swing maces in the faces of multiple-headed dragons.
Sheba - if you can't find a home, make one

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